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Apex Legends streamer Dizzy leaves NRG, retires from esports

Published: 11:48, 11 December 2019
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Popular Apex Legends streamer and certainly one mean head-clicker Dizzy has announced that he will be parting ways with NRG, and his days of professional esports competing are over. From now on, the man will be solely focusing on his stream and, you've guessed it - Apex Legends.

"I truly appreciate my NRG family and everything they have done for me. If not for the organization, my teammates and fans I would not be where I am today", he wrote on Twitter. 

Dizzy also said that if you've noticed that his streams have been inconsistent these days, it's because of things in his personal life that prompted him to consider his future. 

And, as things stand, Dizzy's days of competing with NRG are over, but this in no way means he's quitting on Apex Legends. In fact, in his announcement, he says that Respawn's battle royale monster really struck a chord with him when it launched, making him drop everything and focus on grinding it out. 

That said, Dizzy's had one hell of a year in 2019, winning a host of tournaments throughout and cementing his place in Apex Legends' history for sure. Not that this task is likely to end anytime soon, as we're certain the best is yet to come from both. 

In terms of Apex's future, EA recently announced that Respawn's battle royale hit players, but their decision to make it their main shooter for 2021 really says enough. If you're not already familiar with the fate of the Titanfall franchise, which is where Apex Legends came from, you're probably unaware of how redemptive this move feels.

Much like the rest of the players in the current gaming landscape, Apex Legends will be having its own festive LTM lineup, one of them being the freshly-mined , hosted by the pretty-boy Mirage himself. Seriously, go check out his voice lines - they're as hilarious as they get. Yes, Pathfinder gets picked on. Again. 

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