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Apex Legends data mine unveils Mirage's Winter Express event

Published: 09:30, 11 December 2019
Apex Legends artwork showing mirage and gibraltar
Apex Legends

With the most festive of periods fast approaching, data miners got to work and cracked open Apex Legends, revealing an upcoming event called Winter Express LTM. The star of the show is the pretty boy bamboozler, Mirage, and the mined voice lines are hilarious.

Attention Legends, and Pathfinder! Seriously, we thought it's just a joke but now we're starting to think that there's more behind Mirage's teasing of Pathfinder. Spend most of your robotic life hoping for a high five, and then suffer to the bamboozler's yapper - what a life. 

Anyway, Apex Legends data miner going by the Twitter handle That1MiningGuy has uncovered Winter Express almost a week ago. This alone revealed quite a few juicy details, but the most recent mining by iLootGames gave us Mirage's voice lines - eight minutes of 'em.  

First things first, Winter Express is obviously all about the train, and teams claim it by being the only ones on board. Doing it three times seems to be a win, at least according to the description. As for the loot - there is none in Winter Express, because "each Legend is fully geared and gets a new loadout every day".

Apex Legends will be going full festive too, and there's reason to believe Respawn will add a Christmas tree to the map - a big one. Legend skin go without saying, and there are already a few snaps going around, showing Caustic all jolly. Just kidding, that man is never jolly.

Respawn's Halloween event was all about the Legends vs. Shadows fight and it went down great for the most part. Granted, the dev should've seen that some badges will cause players to quit and try their luck as Legends again, which made playing shadows a horror show, but overall it was a success. All aboard the Winter Express. 

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