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Apex Legends hits 70 million, will be EA's main shooter for 2021

Published: 10:25, 30 October 2019
Apex Legends artwork showing mirage and gibraltar
Apex Legends

Electronic Arts' earnings call has given Apex Legends quite a few bragging rights. Not only did Respawn's battle royale hit 70 million players, delaying the next Battlefield release means Apex is EA's main shooter for the year 2021.

Those familiar with Titanfall 2's development, or more importantly its shoddy release scheduling, know that the order of things in EA-land used to be quite different.

I mean, if someone had told you then that Titanfall 2's sibling will grow up to be EA's main shooter in 2021, you'd probably be confused out of your mind, quite rightfully so. That, however, is exactly what EA has done and they'll be banking on Apex Legends to rake in them big bucks. 

"We're doubling down on live services combined with our core franchises. We're investing in Apex Legends as our shooter in fiscal 2021. We expect to drive growth in all of our major live services next year, including Ultimate Team, Apex Legends, FIFA Online, and The Sims", said EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen. 

He added that he expects Apex Legends growth from new content, as well as from launching it on new platforms, geographies and on mobile. 

Overall, EA have pretty high expectations for Respawn's Titanfall-based battle royale, so if there are any bragging rights that come with the title of EA's shooter for 2021, they definitely come at a price of success. 

"Live services remain strong and we continue to expect Apex Legends and The Sims to both deliver net bookings in the $300 million to $400 million range", Jorgensen added. 

EA A first-person view of a firing range in Apex Legends Apex Legends, new Firing Range

At the same time, Dice will have ample time to polish Battlefield V and come up with a Battlefield successor, so it's almost as if we're getting shooter wars inside of EA. Many players, yours truly included, would rate Apex Legends as a far superior shooter at the moment, so credit where credit's due.

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Apex Legends

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