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Apex Legends: Ranked map changes - Olympus removed from map rotation due to bug fixes

Published: 17:30, 20 January 2023
Olympus map layout
Olympus map layout

Here's what happened to Olympus and why it was removed from Apex Legends' ranked map rotation.

Apex Legends has several modes, including a standard Battle Royale mode, Arenas, and ranked modes (for this season at least). Ranked is designed to be a mode in which players compete against opponents of comparable skill levels and receive points for kills, assists, and placement to advance through the rankings.

Every season in Apex Legends has two splits, and the map for ranked changes with each split. It is currently the second split of Season 15, and Olympus is the map on which players would normally compete in the ranked leagues, but something has changed.

Olympus has now been replaced with World’s Edge for ranked and here’s why. You may have noticed that Olympus has been totally removed from the map rotation in both ranked and normal mode, which is due to the following message: “Engine Error – UI Images Ran Out of Room”.

Many people enjoy playing ranked mode and grinding out levels to go as high as they can in the time available for the split, thus Respawn has opted to replace Olympus with World's Edge until the issue is rectified, which makes sense. This also allows Respawn to continue working on the problem without interfering with gaming.

Respawn Apex Legends has a new ranked map: World's Edge! Apex Legends has a new ranked map: World's Edge!

World's Edge will not be a permanent Apex Legends ranked map. Olympus will be put back to the usual ranked map rotation as soon as a remedy is found, and the Ranked mode will continue on Olympus. 

There is currently no specific timeline on when the difficulties will be rectified or when Olympus will return, so players that prefer World's Edge for ranked should take advantage of it while they can!


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