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Apex Legends: New Map revealed for Season 15

Published: 13:11, 18 October 2022
New map is coming to Apex Legends!
New map is coming to Apex Legends!

Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse is approaching. The new Apex Legends map will most likely release on November 1. As soon as the update is live, players will be able to jump into the new map!

Although it is not confirmed, leakers and data miners believe that the new Apex Legends  map will be called Divided Moon. Thanks to the EA blog, we know that this new BR map is located on Cleo, Boreas’ moon.

Respawn Entertainment  usually sticks to a fixed schedule when it comes to map releases. These usually come every 4 seasons. The last new map we got was Storm Point in Season 11. So, it means that the new map is coming in Season 15.

Developers are expecting that the new map would arrive at the start of Season 15. That is expected to kick off in November 2022.

The potential of a fifth battle royale map raises several questions as to how Respawn is going to handle map rotations going forward. As of right now, only one battle royale map leaves Apex Legends' map rotation per seasonal split, leaving three maps in each rotation.

If a fifth map is added, will the seasonal rotation be bumped up to four maps or will Apex Legends start having two maps out of rotation each split? We'll have to wait and see.

EA The new "Divided Moon" map for Season 15 The new "Divided Moon" map for Season 15

The moon in question is most likely Cleo, the shattered moon of Boreas, Seer's home planet. A meteor struck Cleo on the day of Seer's birth, destroying most of the moon. For the past 26 years, pieces of Cleo have repeatedly bombarded Boreas.

This partially destroyed moon has resulted in the planet facing massive disturbances in ocean tides and extreme temperature fluctuations at the poles and the equator. It's estimated that Boreas will be completely unlivable in 50-70 years.



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