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Apex Legends Magic Witch Collection Event: Seer Heirloom, new banner frames and more

Published: 19:31, 20 December 2022
New banner frames are coming to Apex Legends!
New banner frames are coming to Apex Legends!

A new collection event is coming to Apex Legends this season. It is the Magic Witch Collection Event where the players will have the chance to collect new heirlooms, skins and much more!

Respawn Entertainment  normally delivers Collection Events, the biggest mid-seasonal enhancements in Apex Legends, once a season. These Collection Events are unique in that they introduce legend-specific Heirlooms into the game.

Aside from Heirlooms , Collection Events include new Legend and Weapon skins, Limited Time Game modes, free cosmetic items, and other features. As a result, gamers are constantly eager to see what surprises await them.

Respawn formerly released a  Collection Event  each season. However, the creators are adopting an unusual approach this season, with two Collection Events taking place in the same season.

Many gamers were disappointed when the Wraith's Prestige skin was released for the Wintertide Collection Event instead of the Seer Heirloom. They had no idea there would be two Collection Events in Season 15, one of which would bring Seer's long-awaited Heirloom into the game.

With each new Heirloom release, Respawn becomes better and better. Expect Seer's sickle to be spectacular as well. The name of Seer's Heirloom has yet to be disclosed. Regardless, here's your first glimpse at Seer's Heirloom.

Respawn First look at the Seer Heirloom First look at the Seer Heirloom

Respawn will include a Limited Time Mode in the Magic Witch Collection Event. It's unclear whether they'll bring back any existing LTMs or debut a new one for this occasion.

Wintertide, Season 15's first Collection Event, is still going on. Wraith obtained her Prestige skin as part of the same Collection Event.

The Magic Witch Collection Event will go live on January 10, 2023.


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