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Apex Legends is reportedly releasing a new SMG in Season 16

Published: 14:52, 03 December 2022
Apex Legends introducing a new SMG with Season 16!
Apex Legends introducing a new SMG with Season 16!

Apex Legends potentially releasing a new weapon in Season 16. EA and Respawn Entertainment have not confirmed this yet. Apex Legends Season 16 should be coming in February 2023.

The weapon pool in Apex Legends is fundamental to its fighting and looting system, with players scurrying over its different locales to obtain and equip the finest weaponry in the current meta.

However, there hasn't been a new weapon introduced to Apex Legends in quite some time, with Respawn Entertainment wanting to keep the gun pool balanced and not release new guns just for the fun of it.

The most recent new weapon to be released was the CAR SMG, which debuted with Season 11. Season 16 is almost coming, and it appears like new weaponry is on the way. The launch of a brand new SMG is still unconfirmed by EA and Respawn Entertainment.

Apex content creator Grrt explained the story around the new SMG that was spotted on an Apex Legends skin and cosmetic site. He said that there is a finished model and skin for a future weapon. 

He concluded the video by pointing out that it corresponds with prior leaks of a 'Gemini SMG,' suggesting that it might be a previously leaked gun reappearing closer to its in-game release.

Some viewers also noticed that the listing and photographs have now been withdrawn, implying that they were mistakenly posted ahead of time.

Many will be hoping to see it with Season 16 in February, especially considering the outrage that the Wintertide Event  has received.


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