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Apex Legends: Wintertide Collection Event - Everything you need to know

Published: 18:39, 30 November 2022
The Apex Legends Wintertide Collection Event starts on December 6, 2022!
The Apex Legends Wintertide Collection Event starts on December 6, 2022!

Apex Legends finally reveals the date for their next event: Wintertide Collection. The event starts on December 20, 2022. Players will have the chance to unlock new cosmetics and the new Wraith Mythic skin!

Season 15 of Apex Legends  is well underway, with the addition of Catalyst  and the Broken Moon map, but with the Christmas season approaching, the winter event is just around the horizon.

The Wintertide Collection event is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. This event has previously lasted two weeks, putting an end date of December 20 on the table. If EA  and Respawn Entertainment decide to prolong it, this event might run even after the winter holidays.

If you join the Wintertide Collection Event, you have the opportunity to collect new cosmetics and unlock Wraith's new Prestige skin. This event also includes some legendary skins for Bangalore, Crypto, Valkyrie, Gibraltar and Newcastle.

Furthermore, you can unlock three new badges while participating in this event. Here are all the badges you have the chance to acquire:

  • Wintertide Avalanche: Deal 15,000 damage to enemy players in any mode
  • Wintertide Wipe Out: Get 50 kills or assists in any mode
  • Wintertide Restoration: Restore 2,500 health in any mode

Respawn Apex Legends new Wraith Mythic skin Apex Legends new Wraith Mythic skin

With Wintertide not arriving until December, gamers have plenty of time to become acquainted with Season 15 before the next major Apex event. The legend-specific Heirlooms are also available in these collection events.

With each new seasonal update, Respawn launches Collection Events centered on certain characters. These collection events bring new limited-time game modes, town takeovers based on legends, and special skins.


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