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Apex Legends' Bangalore voice actress says Respawn were insanely secretive

Published: 15:04, 30 December 2019
Vince Zampella and Erica Luttrell a.k.a. Bangalore
Respawn CEO Vince Zampella, Erica Luttrell a.k.a. Bangalore

If you thought Rockstar Games were kings of secrecy for keeping voice actors in the dark during Red Dead Redemption 2's development, then think again, because Respawn would surely give them a run for their money with Apex Legends development.

In her appearance on The Edgevoice Streamcast, which is Chris "Pathfinder" Edgerly's show, Erica "Bangalore" Luttrell discussed just how difficult it got to nail down the character with the limited info provided to her by Respawn.

"All of the information was sent to us in packages with coded names, the names of the characters were jumbled and different, and I basically just knew that I was playing a military character, so I had to choose a voice off a few clues", she said. 

Moreover, Luttrell had to record the initial voice lines herself, in her makeshift home studio, which basically meant sitting in a blanket-insulated closet and recording into the phone.

Not being a sound engineer, she used the only equipment she had for the draft lines but the real difficulties arose from the secrecy in which Respawn approached her Apex Legends involvement.

"There were a few stages where I didn’t even know what I was really doing, on a grand scale, I had a half-page for my character and that was really all I had to go off for what it was going to be like. Even that wasn’t much to go off", she said. 

Whether due to the mysterious nature of Apex Legends development or not, Luttrell had a feeling this is a game that's going to be huge. 

"Like I said though, there was no idea of how big the game was going to be, and I feel like even the developers and creators really had an idea of what they had on their hands. Now it’s this bigger thing than I think any really expected", she said.

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