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Anthem's Season of Skulls adds Halloween vibe, new events and more

Published: 16:36, 17 October 2019
Cosmetics in Anthem's Season of Skulls
Cosmetics in Anthem's Season of Skulls
Anthem, Season of Skulls

Good news for Anthem fans as the latest update retired the Cataclysm and added Season of Skulls, the game's new season-long themed event. We're talking about Fort Tarsis dressed up in Halloween clothes, but there's more than just cosmetics.

Naturally, Fort changes are the first you'll notice, and Bioware did a pretty slick job in sprucing things up for Halloween. While trick or treating in Javelins sounds like an interesting concept, this one is not about candy. 

"As a thick and ominous fog gathers among the trees and strange sounds echo in the distance, the people of Bastion gather together to rise up against the darkness with determination, defiance, and celebration", they wrote. 

There are no requirements for Anthem's new season other than completing the Incursion story, so most players should be able to jump right in. Bioware said that Season of Skulls will loosely follow the Cataclysm's structure, but there will be a few surprises.

From now on, completing three Season of Skulls Freeplay events in a single Freeplay session spawns a boss encounter. Anthem players who like challenges are likely to live in Freeplay and Bioware announced new challenging Anomalies, which are similar to Storm Gates. 

Season of Skulls also lets players learn more of its lore via scavenger hunts and new data archives, and increases chances of winning a legendary from a war chest by 250 per cent. 

Bioware A large hall from Anthem, Season of Skulls Anthem, Season of Skulls

Season of Skulls has brought buffs to most of Anthem's arsenal - substantial ones - and we're referring to Javelins and weapons.  All the inventory screens now have mass-salvage.

As usual, there's also a ton of bug fixes and stability tweaks and you can check the exact numbers in .

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