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Anthem's loot will apparently be subject to further changes

Published: 18:44, 26 February 2019
Picture of an Anthem player looting Jarra's Wrath
Anthem - Jarra's Wrath

BioWare's stance on loot mechanics in Anthem have been a rollercoaster as the developers first said there would be no stealth nerfs, then pulled one, explained why they did it and after further fan backlash decided to listen to Travis Day.

BioWare's loot mechanics in Anthem were marked by several important announcements and events happening in the span of two weeks. Most of them are closely intertwined with stealth nerfing, which is the practice of gimping players' ability to gain experience, items or any other form of progress without notifying them first.

Chronologically speaking, Ben Irving first that there would be no stealth nerfs in Anthem which was met with a mixed reception. Some fans praised the statement, while others immediately stated it would be a hollow promise as they didn't believe a word of it. The statement happened on 12 February 2019.

Fast forward to 24 February 2019, BioWare already nerfed loot drops without notifying the community about it, got called out for a broken promise and Ben Irving the nerf. He did, however, say that the nerf wasn't technically a nerf, since a supposed bug caused increased drop rates and they merely changed it back to regular drop rates.

Oddly enough, he with the improved, or apparently bugged, loot drops. Unsurprisingly, the tweet was followed up with a pile of fans stating they aren't getting loot nearly as good in their playthroughs. 

The situation was closing in on a boiling point when Travis Day, famed for his contribution in Diablo 3's "2.0 loot", started a in Anthem's subreddit, detailing major issues with the game's loot system. He mostly focused on the way loot is obtained and didn't focus much on drop chances.

Altchar picture showing nature and ruins Anthem

Day's thread quickly picked up momentum as one BioWare employee to it saying they passed the feedback to the rest of the team in case they didn't pick up on it before. With that in mind, it is quite possible we will be seeing more changes to the loot system in the future as many players now find it to lack incentives.


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