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Anthem will have six different levels of gear rarity

Published: 18:41, 28 December 2018
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Bioware's upcoming shooter Anthem will have six levels of gear rarity which can be obtained through various activities. For the best available gear players will have to complete multiplayer missions and dungeons on the highest difficulty.

Anthem's rarity levels are similar if not identical to other loot systems seen in games like The Division and Destiny. The lowest quality gear is Common (White), after that there is Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Masterwork (Orange) and the highest level available is Legendary which is marked yellow.

Nothing to be confused about really as these rarity levels are common and well-known to the majority of players who enjoy similar titles. What's interesting though is that Bioware separated looks of the armour piece and its stats. This means that you'll have two parts of one item - vanity and components. 

You can have your helmet which looks a certain way and doesn't have any effect on stats, and then you have the components part which basically gives the helmet power effects and stats. This way players will be able to look cool while wearing their best gear. This is similar to skins and vanity items seen in other looter-shooter games.

Weapons will have up to four inscriptions depending on their level. Legendary and Masterwork weapons will have four inscription slots, Epic will have three, Rare two, Uncommon only one while Common items won't have any slots. 

There are over one hundred inscriptions that can be randomly rolled and they will give additional stats to weapons, attachments and components. Inscriptions work similar to The Division's weapon skills and talents system and players will be able to craft weapons over and over again until they get satisfying results. Of course, blueprints are required to do so and they can be obtained by finishing high-level missions and dungeons.

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Before taking part in these events, players will get to choose the event's difficulty level. As you can guess, the highest difficulty will give you the best loot. Bioware also confirmed that singleplayer missions will be less rewarding than multiplayer ones.

Additionally, all items will have gear scores from 18 to 40 but that could change by the time Anthem releases. Gear score will unlock the highest difficulty setting in dungeons and missions so the players can grind for Masterwork and Legendary gear.

For more info on Bioware's upcoming looter-shooter, check out the first details on Anthem's villain faction and their leader Monitor.

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