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Anthem won't have a season pass or any paid post-launch DLC

Published: 16:43, 24 December 2018
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Bioware's upcoming shooter won't feature any paid season pass or DLC. This was confirmed by Anthem's lead producer Michael Gamble. He replied to one concerned fan who asked if he needs to buy a season pass to get additional content.

It looks like EA and Bioware are going to follow Battlefield V's live service model as close as possible with their upcoming looter shooter Anthem. This means that the developer doesn't have any plans for a season pass or paid DLCs after the game's release. 

When asked if players will need to buy a season pass or DLC to get more content, Anthem's lead producer Michael Gamble said that Anthem won't have a season pass and that players have nothing to worry about. "No season pass. Just get the game - don’t worry after that," Gamble said.

We already knew that Anthem will be a live service game as both Bioware and EA confirmed this after the reveal, but nothing has been said about a season pass or paid DLC. Now that we have an official confirmation it will be interesting to see just how much content we'll get at Anthem's release and what kind of free stuff Bioware is working on.

One fan mentioned how the studio was always great for releasing free content like Cerberus Network DLC for Mass Effect 2. Gamble responded by saying that he remembers the DLC and that Bioware enjoyed releasing treats like that. Gamble's response could suggest that the studio could do something similar with Anthem.

Additionally, fans asked if all new Javelins will be free to which lead producer replayed that the point is to keep the players together and not split the audience, and when Anthem's world changes it will change to everyone. This could mean that Bioware may have plans for paid DLCs on a smaller scale but are aiming to deliver free updates on a global level - something like new world areas and dungeons.

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Anthem's Executive Producer Mark Darrah also answered the same question and he wasn't so sure that there won't be any paid post-launch content in Anthem. One fan asked if he's actually confirming Gamble's "No DLC" answer to which Dorrah responded that they may decide to add some paid stuff in the future.

"For example, we might decide to add another Javelin in the future. Maybe that would be paid. Or maybe not. Absolutes are hard," Darrah concluded.

It is highly likely that EA will attempt to push more Origin premium subscriptions with Anthem, similar to the way Battlefield V was playable earlier to subscribers. The likelihood of a publisher with EA's pedigree passing on an opportunity to nickel-and-dime should at least maintain one of your eyebrows in a raised state at all times.

Anyway, we'll have to wait a little bit longer to get more info about Anthem's post-launch plans. In the meantime, you can check the open and closed beta and take a closer look at class.

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