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Anthem will require internet connection but won't have PvP

Published: 18:58, 12 June 2018
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BioWare's attempt at survival and EA's next microtransaction vessel - Anthem will not feature PvP at launch but it will still require an internet connection at all times. I'm sure it's just "to ensure best experience" regardless of players.

BioWare and EA have confirmed that a constant internet connection will be required in order to play Anthem, regardless of whether you're playing solo or with teammates. This decision is often looked down on and for a reason - games that require persistent internet connection are usually tailored to cater to microtransactions.

Considering this is EA we're talking about, it's almost certain they will attempt to exploit the system in a way that will damage the players' experience. Progression loot boxes have been ruled out for the moment, but expecting the company to start acting in the players' best interests is as realistic as World War 2 .

Other than microtransactions, there are two multiplayer formats that come to mind when a company mentions persistent internet connection - co-op and PvP. Now, co-op has been confirmed ever since the first trailer launched but PvP isn't. In fact, there will be . There will also be no options to romance in-game characters which is a feature every BioWare game in recent history had.

This screams of an unfinished game, even though it was in development for years, with first teases coming back in 2014. This could be attributed to many development issues the game had, such as

It remains to be seen whether BioWare will manage to deliver an engaging story or gameplay that could keep players glued to Anthem long enough for EA to profit and decide not to close the studio. 

EA Screenshot of the protagonist from Anthem's teaser trailer Anthem

Meanwhile, the still looks like a reskin of Bungie's Destiny series and potential players are losing hope, which leaves BioWare in a tight spot. There is still eight months left before the game launches on 22 February 2018 and potential unrevealed features might still get players back on the hype train.

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