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Anthem to have vast customisation & associated microtransactions

Published: 16:25, 26 June 2018
Updated: 16:26, 26 June 2018
Screenshot from anthem showing a Javelin flying through the air with explosions around

Mark Darrah has organised an AMA on his Twitter which has been going on for days now. Most of the questions people ask are regarding Anthem and the answers Darrah provided offer insight into the game's customisation and microtransactions.

Considering that Twitter is part of the internet, a question about boobs was inevitable. One fan asked Darrah whether we will get a boob slider in character creation, and the answer is no for that one. 

On the other hand, there will be enough customisation to warrant different loadouts, as Darrah  that different loadouts will save players' gear sets as well as customisation options.

He also mentioned that while there are only four different Javelins - Ranger, Storm, Collossus and Interceptor, players will be able to customise them enough not to look like another Javelin of the same class. On that note, player squads will have up to four members, all of whom can take the same javelin into combat. All of them can look the same or completely different, depending on players' cosmetic choices.

Darrah also confirmed that parts of Javelins will have different cosmetic options, or at least helmets will. This came in after a fan asked him whether they will be able to specifically change the helmet on the Interceptor. One could hardly blame them for not liking the helmet, as it looks a lot more like a  than a helmet for a power armour.

One of Darrah's tweets mentions Javelins will have a beer hat, but don't get your hopes up guys, as this was a to a joke question that asked whether the Javelins will have cup holders.

On the serious side of things, revenue is what EA takes extremely seriously. To that end, microtransactions will definitely be present but only for customisation so there won't be pay to win shenanigans. It is also highly important that the paid cosmetics be delivered via loot boxes.

BioWare Screenshot from anthem showing a Javelin in a workshop of sorts Anthem

What Anthem will seemingly make up with in cosmetics, it will lack in PvP modes. There will be exactly zero of them at launch, so fans have been asking how intend to make up for it.  Darrah confirmed that there will be that will promote "friendly competition" with scoreboards.

The information found in this article is just a tiny fraction of all the questions and answers provided on Darrah's Twitter, so if you're curious about more, you can check it out on .

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