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Anthem players fuming over BioWare's game-breaking patch v1.0.4

Published: 16:57, 28 March 2019
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Anthem - Interceptor N7 armour

One would think that the worst is over for Anthem, with BioWare going full throttle in supporting the heck out of it, but it seems that the latter is turning into a bigger task than initially planned. Yeah, the latest patch is on fire.

On the wrong kind of fire mind you, and some players are even calling for an AMA session for BioWare to deliver a "confession of the state of this game and a real plan to fix it". 

Anthem's patch v1.0.4 brought with it a few glitches like squadmates picking up loot for you. Not instead of you - the loot they pick up gets added to your inventory as well, which wreaked havoc with everyone's inventory management.

To be fair though, BioWare reacted relatively quickly to that and some loot issues, rolling out a patch that guarantees Masterwork items at the end of Strongholds and fixes teammates picking up loot for you.

Seriously, Anthem's subreddit is a seriously ticked off place at the moment, with assessment's of BioWare's work ranging from "they're not even playing their game" and calls for store boycotts to funny memes, which only make you revert back to reading the former.

For what it's worth, the difference in platforms matters little - disgruntled Anthem players come from all the available platforms, so at least they're consistent, eh?

One player argues that BioWare not catching v1.0.4-related bugs shows either negligence or a missing link in development. 

"It's very sad that we, the consumer are essentially their beta testers. As you can see by the points that I made, there is very obvious evidence that a lot of these bugs and mistakes can be caught by a 4 man test team on a private instance", he said and enquired whether BioWare even have a testing instance?

"1.04 has more bugs than 1.03. including health bug. Loot drops. Elysium drops not showing up. And team picking up and filling up your backpack with bad loot. Frame rate drops pop up graphics/ missing textures. Boss fights not dropping masterworks", and the list goes on, argued another.

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Feel free to see for yourself on Anthem's subreddit over .

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