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Upcoming Anthem update to add boss loot and improve loading times

Published: 16:04, 19 February 2019
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Bioware have worked on improvements for loading times for the day one patch and fixes for infinite loading screens, disconnects and crashes. The developers also addressed the no loot for downed players bug and added loot to main bosses.

Bioware are readying a substantial list of bug fixes for Anthem's day one patch. The developers are yet to officially reveal everything that will be added on launch, but the patch notes somehow surfaced on Reddit and they include some much-requested tweaks and additions.

One of the most annoying issues for many Anthem players at the moment is the number and length of loading screens. They are everywhere and even occur in the open world during free play.

Well, according to the patch notes, Bioware have tackled the issue, at least to some degree. Players should see improvements once they update the game on 22 February 2019.

The developers described the loading times issues as a "high-level fix", and in the same category, they also listed numerous fixes for many infinite loading screens, crashes and disconnects, multiple challenges that didn't track properly and weapons and gear that will have numbers present for modifiers.

In addition to these, there are some general fixes and improvements to Strongholds, Javelins, gear and weapons. One that players heavily requested is the loot drop from the final Stronghold boss.

Instead of only being shown at the end of the expedition screen, loot will now drop directly from the main boss. Whether this means that Bioware are looking to completely ditch the reward screen remains to be seen, but it's certainly something they should at least consider as the feature alone is the reason for two additional loading screens.

Players who got stuck in the minded tunnel and blocked by fog wall during Temple of Scar will be happy to hear that issues have been addressed. 

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To make underwater navigation easier for PC players, Bioware have made changes to mouse and keyboard controls. They also changed the lighting in the Tyrant Mine underwater section and made it easier to navigate to the exit.

There are also some technical additions, like the option to turn off motion blur completely which is bugged at the moment, preventing players from turning the feature off unless they set post processing to low.

For a closer look at bug fixes and improvements, you can check the .

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