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Anthem now allows you to open inventory without a loading screen

Published: 20:30, 26 March 2019
picture showing character customisation screen in Anthem
Character customisation in Anthem

BioWare's Anthem has been pummeled into the ground by players and critics for many reasons, but one of the most frequent are the game's loading screens. The latest patch took one away as players can now open inventory without loading.

Anthem has been characterised as many things, the embodiment of loading screens among them. This is due to the extremely long loading screens players have to keep going through and they are not so rare either. The number of loading screens used to be so high that even accessing the inventory required players to go through them.

Players will still technically need to go through a loading screen in order to get back to Fort Tarsis but at least the loading screen for the Forge has been removed, meaning players can have peace of mind while in the hub at least. Now if only Anthem supported a system that allowed to change gear on the fly, that would be peachy.

The patch did not only remove the loading screen while going to the Forge though. Field of View (FOV) sliders have been added on the PC version, increasing the quality of life for the master race folks. There are five sliders in total:

  • Ground FOV - refers to FOV when the javelin is on the ground
  • Zoomed FOV - when zooming a weapon
  • Flight FOV - while flying
  • Swim FOV - while swimming
  • Pilot FOV - for the occasions when you are out of your javelin

One of the controversial additions are the Elysian Caches. While additional rewards for completing daily challenges are great, BioWare initially stated armour would be in the caches' pool but eventually went back on that. The rewards include vinyls, victory poses, emotes and arrivals.

Oats Studios picture showing a robot Anthem

The update brought a bit more endgame activities to pass the time. Namely, Legendary Missions will let players replay critical path missions at a higher difficulty but there is no mention on what kind of rewards players can expect. You can read the on the Reddit post.

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