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Anthem gets a minor update addressing stray loot, Nvidia crashes

Published: 13:40, 09 April 2019
Updated: 17:21, 09 April 2019
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Bioware have rolled out a minor Anthem update that's mostly about fixing some awkwardly timed crashing, such as the one with Nvidia highlights, and some strange occurrence, like enemies disappearing when other players start events.

Anthem's first fix seems like a distant cousin of the recent bug that saw all teammates get the loot picked up by one, as Bioware wrote that the issue dropping loot for javelins other than the one used is no more.

Next up, Bioware fixed "a number of issues" that apparently compounded and made Nvidia highlights crash.

Players will no longer have to restart the game to have Elysian Cache items appear, and the newsfeed will properly show content upon launch.

Anthem's team found that Ursix and Titans don't spawn nearly as frequently in Freeplay, which has been addressed.

Bioware recently implemented and independent testing has confirmed that the improvements go up to 65 per cent, depending on the scenario, but it seems that some players experienced difficulties.

Namely, turning on DLSS and turning off motion blur caused some screen shaking in Anthem, which the update has taken care of. 

Some Anthem players reported not being able to interact with Owen, which included inaudible audio at the end of 'Finding Old Friends', which shouldn't be happening anymore.

Last but not least, Bioware wrote that "Titans, Ursix, Luminaries and Fury enemies should no longer disappear when another player starts an Event in Freeplay."

That about covers it as far as this update goes, although you had to be living under a rock to think that the size of this update actually reflects the state of the game. In other words, Bioware have still got a long way to go.

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Bioware have recently apologised for the caused by one of the recent patches, the same one that had teammates picking up loot for everyone. Thankfully, that, as well as the ghost walls shouldn't be bothering and splitting up teams. 

You can find Anthem's patch notes

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