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BioWare apologise for Anthem's "terrible player experience"

Published: 19:14, 29 March 2019
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With the storm of outrage seemingly taking over Anthem's subreddit, the game's lead producer Ben Irving responded to one disgruntled poster, assuming responsibility for the state of Strongholds and listing the changes they plan on doing.

The actual issue that the user Darthchrisshaw was experiencing was finally getting legendary loot. Unfortunately, it was locked behind a fog wall and just exiting didn't do the trick, even though others reported sucess with that method.

Irving said he's the one responsible for Strongholds and that the blame lies on him, but offered some information on how they'll implement this in the future.

"I just wanted to pop in here and apologize for a terrible player experience that I am directly responsible for. As the Stronghold lead the buck stops with me. I can offer explanations but at the end of the day, that doesn't change the experience", he wrote.

He pointed out that every backtracking fog wall in the Temple of Scar and Heart of Rage will be disabled as of the 1.0.4 patch, which is already behind us. 

Unfortunately, Anthem's patch v.1.0.4 brought with it much more than just fog wall fixes, and although the aforementioned issue is a bit older, some of the responses ended up being pretty prophetic, proposing countless side effects of whatever change BioWare make. 

And indeed, that's how it played out in the field, with over what they claim is a game breaking patch. In BioWare's defense, they did react to the inventory bug pretty quickly, patching it up via a hotfix.

In case you didn't catch it, the bug that came with BioWare's last patch made Anthem players pick up loot into everyone's inventory which apparently wreaked havoc with everyone's inventory management.

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Anthem's subreddit is definitely not a pleasant place to be at the moment, because you won't find many posts that are content about any aspect of the game at the moment. 

You can find the post in question , or check out Anthem's subreddit for yourself .

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