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Anthem day one patch introduces numerous new bugs and issues

Published: 16:20, 21 February 2019
Updated: 16:21, 21 February 2019
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Bioware have launched a substantial day one patch for Anthem ahead of release. The patch is aimed to fix serious issues like long loading times, but many players have started reporting new problems which surfaced after the hasty update.

Ever since EA and Bioware hosted Anthem VIP and open demos, players have reported various issues that prevented them from enjoying the game. Some of these bugs and problems were fixed after the beta tests but many are still present.

That's why Bioware worked on a massive 5 GB aimed at fixing a majority of technical problems, which include long loading times, crashes and disconnects. The patch dropped today, 21 February 2019, and while it includes many much-needed fixes, there are also a ton of new bugs and issues that surfaced after players updated their game.

In a day one patch bugs mega thread on Reddit, some players are reporting that they are now unable to launch the game entirely. Apparently, a black screen shows up for a few seconds followed by a crash to desktop. What's even worse is that the crash does not report an error message, which makes it tougher to find a solution.

However, this particular issue was solved by redditor He-manse who deleted Anthem's .exe file and re-downloaded the entire game. If your internet speed is fast enough to do this quickly, it's worth a shot.

Redditor mcdaddy86 reported that he's unable to sign into the game. After he tried to enter Anthem, a "connection problem" message pops up stating that the account is "restricted from accessing any online features".

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There's also a couple of players who are reporting massive frame rate drops, which didn't occur before the patch. According to Choritogun, Anthem's gameplay felt very smooth before the update and now it's almost unplayable even on the lowest settings. 

Another issue presented itself in the form of certain dialogue choices resulting in crashes. Before the patch, these choices would disconnect players to the main menu but now the problems seem to have worsened.

Bioware's community manager responded to these issues by saying that the developers are currently investigating every problem that has been reported in the Reddit thread.  

He also asked players to use  page for a quicker response. 

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