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Unequipping items in Anthem can lead to bigger damage output

Published: 19:42, 12 March 2019
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BioWare messed up damage in Anthem once again. After the mess with the beginner rifle being the most powerful one, players can now increase their damage by unequipping stat-boosting support items. The ones that are supposed to boost damage.

Anthem has suffered so many issues that fixes for some of them directly cause new ones and those new problems cause accidental workarounds for the previous issues. In Anthem's case, there was first the problem with the starter rifle that was as good as the end game ones thanks to problematic scaling, followed by stingy loot and now unequipping certain items can lead to better damage output.

The fix to the scaling issue of the starter rifle seems to have been basic, at best, as the game simply takes the average level of your gear and decides the damage output of procs, combos, melee and ultimates based on that average. For example, equipping support items of lower item level will effectively cut your damage, even if the item is supposed to increase your melee damage by a certain percentage.

This came as a direct result of BioWare fixing the scaling that allowed the starter weapons to deal obscene amounts of damage and render looting better ones pointless. By deploying this mess of a fix for the first issue, BioWare broke the support items that are currently useless for the most part.

To make the matter more hilarious, they have partially fixed their stingy loot system that the players are currently campaigning to change. If a support item is not worth having, there is less need for looting, right? In essence, BioWare's fix for the first bug caused another bug for other items and inadvertently affected the looting issue.

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Half-jokes aside, Anthem is indeed in a bad position right now as players are extremely unhappy at the moment, which could cripple EA and BioWare's future plans to monetise the game by treating it as a service. Having recurring revenue for a long period of time will require them to account for the butterfly effect of their actions, but so far they don't seem to be handling it well.


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