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Another Chaos Reach nerf is coming to Destiny 2

Published: 23:51, 05 May 2021
Destiny 2 - Control
Destiny 2 - Control

Arc Warlocks just can't catch a break as their favourite Super is getting nerfed, once again, even though it's been hit pretty hard in the past.

Stasis may be dominating PvP but Bungie are nerfing Arc Warlocks instead. Granted, Chaos Reach has a terribly misleading hitbox but the one useful Super in the arsenal of Arc Warlocks is hardly a top issue when you have Stasis yahoos ruining all forms of PvP in the game.

Anyway, Bungie decided hitting Chaos Reach again is the priority here and that is what's happening in an upcoming patch. According to one of the CMs, dmg04, we are looking at a fix for the Super's hit detection in an upcoming patch.

While it should be a nice change that prevents us from getting blown up even if we're in cover, the Warlocks are certainly not going to be happy that their most viable Arc spec for both PvE and PvP will be nerfed again.

Furthermore, the devs don't seem to be content with stopping at fixing the hitbox since Geomag Stabilizers Exotic is in their crosshairs too. This complaint may be coming from the PvP community as being blasted by Chaos Reach all the time isn't much more fun than being frozen all the time. That said, it's possible to dodge or hide from that particular Super in some occasions and it will only get easier with the hitbox fix.

Nerfing Geomag's Super energy return will probably be overkill, especially because the much bigger problem of Stasis is rampaging uninterrupted. Then again, Arc powers don't drive people to buy Beyond Light and the reason for Stasis being so blatantly overpowered half a year after launch becomes pretty obvious.

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