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Aion Classic raises level cap, adds new zones in latest update

Published: 07:51, 26 May 2022
Aion Classic
Aion Classic

NCSoft updated Aion Classic with more content, which called for more progression grind which was also added.

Aion Classic was recently updated to 2.0, bringing along Stormwing's Defiance to live servers. This meant the level cap was moved up to 55, giving the players something to grind for while exploring the newly added zones.

Since the level is moving up, so are the skills. Players will be able to grab new abilities and stigmas for each class while the skill trees will possibly mitigate weaknesses and offer a new flavour for PvP combat.

The new zones are meant for players above level 50 and carry new challenges as well as new dangers for the players. Balaurea also has a total of four Fortress Sieges the players can participate in.

Solo dungeons, group dungeons and PvP battlefield dungeons have been added with the update, bringing along seven new instances that are meant to provide content to farm as players are reaching for the new level cap. Beshmundir Temple is the flagship of these instances where players will have to go through Stormwing in order to get their Heroic-grade armour.

Primus Pilus is also now available if you are looking for Abyss equipment and to obtain the set, you will need Sapphire Medals, a currency that is obtained through Fortress Sieges, quests and Dredgion.

Platinum Medals, used for the Brigade General gear, can also be exchanged for Sapphire Medals.

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