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Aion Classic jumps into patch 1.5 with a bunch of new features

Published: 01:04, 14 October 2021
Aion Classic
Aion Classic

NCSoft updated Aion Classic with a bunch of new content that was highly anticipated from all those update teasers.

Aion Classic 's update 1.5 brought along a pile of stuff for the players to enjoy but there are four main talking points - Daevanion Quests, Dark Poeta, Kromede's Trial and Baranath Dredgion. 

In the case of the first item on the list, the Daevanion Quests will become available to everyone who reaches level 50. There is a reason that a level requirement exists since the questline is challenging enough to test the skills of those familiar with Aion, let alone newcomers, who might not even stand a chance in the end. It also rewards powerful equipment that might help players with the next focal point.

Dark Poeta is hailed as the most challenging group instance in Aion Classic thus far, meaning those who want to give it a shot will need to bring their A-game. It will pay off in the end as the players can walk away with Anuhart Equipment and Tahabata Weapons.

On the other side of instance-y things, there is Kromede's Trial. This one was designed for solo players who will take form of a fallen paragon in order to fight several battles and reap the benefits.

Finally, there is the Baranath Dredgion, the 6v6 instance that pits players and NPCs against each other. The teams will need to complete objectives, kill monsters and players in order to earn points and eventually win the game. 

Should no-one get enough points or fail to kill the Captain, the arena will remain for about 40 minutes before it closes.

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