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Aion players to get one free level 80 character

Published: 17:24, 24 September 2021

NCSoft announced a few things that are bound to garner strong feelings from the Aion and Aion Classic, partially as a part of the 12th anniversary.

Aion is celebrating 12 years of existence and the developers have decided to raise the level cap for the first time after a long hiatus on that type of vertical progression. It will arrive with the 8.0 content update on September 29, 2021.

The update will feature a new zone, Apsaranta, along with a pile of other additions such as the Oath system, Daevanian Passive skills, Empyrean Lord relics and the new endgame instance, Heart of Apsaranta.

Players who pop in at launch will be able to participate in the special event, Apsaranta's Conquest, which will provide everyone with an opportunity to get a level 80 character that will be kitted out with gear and stigmas capable of taking on the new content. Other things will be available through login rewards such as the legendary transformation, Apsaranta Adventurer.

Meanwhile, Aion Classic is getting a content update of its own. Update 1.5 is arriving on October 13, 2021, and bringing the Dark Poeta area which is meant to be challenging content, suitable for the most hardened adventurers.

It will bring a twist to the challenge since the final boss will be tougher and have better rewards the faster you kill the first one.

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