Valheim progression - how to use the materials you discover

Published: 06:53, 06 April 2021
Iron Gate
Valheim - First boss trophy
Valheim - First boss trophy

Valheim's progression system is tied to the materials the players find and use to make items, weapons and armour. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about progression in Valheim.

Our last guide on Valheim focused on the first hours of gameplay and getting set up in the new world. Now we will dive a bit deeper and focus on the progression.

Progress in Valheim is intrinsically tied to the discovery and use of new materials. Here you will find a list of materials used in crafting, where to find them, and what the resulting items will help you achieve.


Wood in Valheim is available as soon as you spawn. The material can be picked up from the ground in the form of branches, or you can take out some of your frustrations on smaller trees and harvest the wood that way.  

(Some of the) Things you can make with Wood:

  • Hammer - the primary tool for building and crafting. 
  • Club - Useful when hunting or fending off greylings. 
  • Walls, gates and roofs - The hammer tool will allow you to place down some walls and a roof to make your first base of operations.
  • Workbench - Must be placed under a roof. The workbench will open up a world of crafting possibilities. 
  • Chests - Through the workbench, Valheim lets you craft multiple chests. These will hold any items that are cluttering up your inventory at the moment.


Stone is the second material you'll wish to stock up on. The loose rocks you find along the way will open up additional crafting options.

Stone weapons and tools:

  • Stone axe - the axe will make it much easier to chop down larger trees (Beech) and thus acquire more wood.
  • Hoe - Used to level the ground, it can make building your first real settlement a breeze.
  • Campfire - A source of warmth, protection and cooked foods.

Iron Gate Valheim - leveling the ground with a hoe Valheim - leveling the ground with a hoe

Animal hide

Killing Boars will yield Leather scraps and Deer will drop Deer hide. These materials can be used in all sorts of crafting projects.

Leather scraps

  • Crude bow - The bow will let you make use of the arrows you have in your inventory. 
  • Rag pants and tunic - Everyone spawns with a Rag tunic equipped but the pants become available after you place your first Workbench.
  • Wood shields - Pretty self-explanatory.

Deer hide

  • Crude bow upgrades - Available after adding a Chopping block and a Tanning rack to the Workbench.
  • Leather armour - Includes a helmet and offers additional armour. Also allows upgrades with additional materials.
  • Deer rug - A decorative piece of furniture that will increase the Comfort level by 1.


Found along the beaches in Valheim's Meadows.

Crafting with Flint:

  • Flint axe - An advanced version of the Stone Axe, with a bit more chopping power.
  • Flint knife - Better than the Club. Generally useful when you need a fast attack that consumes less stamina.
  • Flint spear - Makes killing Eikthyr's kin much easier. Deer in Valheim are timid creatures but throwing the spear (click the mouse wheel) makes quick work of them.
  • Flinthead arrow - Leveling up your Workbench with a Chopping block will let you create the new arrows. An improvement over the crude Wood arrows, these are useful when fighting the first boss.

Building using Flint:

  • Chopping block and Tanning rack - both are upgrades you can add to your Workbench to unlock some new features. Both require flint.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

Tin + Copper = Bronze

Finding Copper will unlock the Forge, which will in turn let you craft items with metal components.

Tin will enable you to craft a Cauldron - an item used to create mead bases and food items.

Tin and Copper you find all around the Black Forest biome will give you access to Bronze.

Crafting with Bronze:

  • Bronze atgeir - the first atgeir and first polearm-type weapon in the game, this weapon will let you perform a 360° AoE swipe when you click your mouse wheel.
  • Bronze weapons and plated armour
  • Bronze nails - Enable construction of boats, carts and item stands.
  • Bronze pickaxe
  • Bronze axe
  • Cultivator - A tool that will let you till soil and plant seeds. 

Building with Bronze:

  • Anvils - Forge upgrade.
  • Hanging brazier - An additional light source that will increase your dwelling's Comfort level by one.

Fine wood

Fine wood can be obtained by chopping down Birch and Oak trees with a Bronze Axe.


  • Finewood bow - The successor to the Crude Bow, Finewood Bow provides some knockback and deals additional damage.
  • Fermenter - Used to create potions from a mead base created in Cauldrons.
  • Tankard - As advertised: once equipped the tankard will let the player consume mead from their inventory.


  • Adze - Workbench upgrade.
  • Bench, Blue banner, Chair - Fine wood allows the construction of different items that will increase your home's Comfort level.
  • Forge cooler - Forge upgrade.
  • Karve - This boat is the successor to the humble Raft. Karve features a cargo hold that will let you store up to four stacks of items. 

Iron Gate Valheim - Karve Valheim - Karve


Iron is obtained by smelting Scrap iron in the Smelter. The Smelter must be built near a Workbench using Stone and Surtling cores. 


  • Iron nails - Nails are crucial when you decide to embark on some more demanding building projects.
  • Iron weapons, armour and tools
  • Iron pickaxe - Used for mining Silver and Obsidian.


  • Blast furnace - Used to treat certain raw materials and produce Metal.
  • Forge toolrack - Forge upgrade item.
  • Improved items
    • Iron gate 
    • Personal chest -  Has 6 item slots and is accessible only to its owner.
    • Reinforced chest - More item slots than the regular Chest.
  • Smith's anvil - Forge upgrade.
  • Torches - Light source.
  • Stonecutter - Used to refine Stone into building materials.
  • Tool shelf - Workbench upgrade. 


Silver is obtained from Silver Ore via the Smelter. The SIlver Deposits in the Mountains biome and are usually discovered with the help of the Wishbone - accessory players get after defeating Bonemass boss. 


  • Advanced armour.
  • Advanced weapons.

Black metal

Black metal can be produced from Black metal scraps in a Blast furnace. 


  • Blackmetal atgeir
  • Blackmetal axe
  • Blackmetal knife
  • Blackmetal sword
  • Black metal shield
  • Black metal tower shield
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