Four crucial tips to get started in Valheim

Published: 10:34, 12 March 2021
Updated: 15:08, 15 March 2021
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Valheim boasts a sprawling world full of magnificent exploration opportunities but it is still a survival game that will make you weigh your options and resources carefully.

FourSo you made your character and spawned into your first biome. Congratulations, now let's get set up so you can survive and thrive.

Getting started - first steps

As soon as you spawn you'll want to get busy gathering as much wood and stone as you possibly can. These stack in your inventory so you can go at it without the fear of overcrowding your small-ish pouch.

Wood (branches) and small stones can be picked up from the ground while you explore - you don't need tools for this. Make sure to pick up Raspberries and Mushrooms as well but we'll get to those.

The first day in the 10th world doesn't give you ample time to prepare for the night as well as you might want to, so you should focus on gathering as many resources as possible (wood and stone).

Crafting - Hammer time

The first thing you craft (enter the crafting menu by pressing the "Tab" button) should be a hammer. The hammer will let you build yourself a nice little campfire to keep you warm (to use the hammer press the right mouse button). 

The wondrous Workbench

The hammer also opens up the possibility of destroying the pre-made settlements you happen upon. You'll need a "sheltered" Workbench for this to work. It can get quite annoying when you see the „Crafting station needs a roof“ or the „Too exposed“ message so just build the bench inside a settlement.

You can rotate the items you want to place in the world with your mouse wheel.

Iron Gate Studio Valheim - The Workbench Valheim - The Workbench

With the workbench around, you can now start destroying or dismantling things you want to get rid of – be it a poorly placed roof (will happen, don't fight it) or an off-centre cooking station.

Destroying structures will yield crafting materials and repairing them doesn't consume resources.

Building a nice straw bed using the Workbench will give you a chance to sleep through the night and wake up well-rested. 

A chest should also be high on the list of priorities. Dying in this world will send you back to square one in terms of your inventory so it is wise to keep duplicates of everything from your clothes to your weapons, and food in there. Just in case

You can craft a chest by selecting your hammer and clicking the right mouse button.

The lost items can be retrieved by visiting the site of your demise.

Food - it's the most important meal of the day

The Raspberries and Mushrooms you've picked up along the way offer a way to stave off starvation but you can't consume these to your heart's content. The foods your character is tired of eating will appear in the bottom left corner.

If you have some raw meat or neck tails in your inventory, it's time to get cooking via the Cooking station. With your trusty hammer in hand, you can press the right mouse key and go to "Crafting". Building the cooking station will consume 2 Wood and it must be placed over the Campfire.

Add the meat to the cooking station with "E" but do be careful – leaving it on there for too long will grant nothing more than lumps of coal.

Iron Gate Studio Valheim - the Cooking station over a campfire Valheim - the Cooking station

Cooking time for meat in Valheim:

  • Raw meat: about 20-25 seconds;
  • Fish: approximately 30 seconds;
  • Necktail: approximately 20 seconds;
  • Lox meat (Lox meat): approximately 60 seconds.

Your best bet is to hang around the fire and watch the meat carefully. It will change colour when ready. Use "E" to knock it out of the fire and into your inventory.

Upgrades - taking things to the next level


Finding Flint will open the doors to a bunch of new crafting options. These include the Flint knife, Spear and Axe. It also unlocks the possibility to craft a Chopping block.

Placing the Chopping block near your Workbench will upgrade it to level 2 and allow you to upgrade your items.

Flint can be found near Valheim's bodies of water.

--With this knowledge in hand, you should be set to begin and enjoy your new adventure without struggling too much.--

Iron Gate Studio Valheim Valheim

Exploring Valheim is super rewarding -  not just in terms of the crude materials one can stumble upon, but also because of its beautiful world. We were in awe of its beaches and the wide sea and can't wait to venture deeper into this world.

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