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Valheim's huge Patch 0.150.3 introduces terrain-modification system

Published: 14:30, 19 April 2021
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Valheim: yes it is dangerous to venture outside at night, unless you are the danger

Valheim devs have rolled out a fresh patch for the game. The latest update took longer than usual on account of the brand-new terrain-modification system.

Valheim players have been treated to a fresh game patch. The patch has been a long time in the making because the devs were hard at work perfecting the new terrain-modification system. 

The new system will decrease the number of network instances, plus make loading faster and smoother. 

While the new terrain-modification system is a huge improvement behind the scenes, the players should not feel that much of a difference while playing - except for some minor behaviour changes to the hoe and pickaxe and much smoother loading of areas with a lot of terrain modifications. 

After this patch (using the hoe, pickaxe or cultivator) all-terrain modifications will automatically use the new modification system. 

For existing areas where heavy terrain modifications have already been made, the developers have added a special console command "out terrain" that essentially converts all the old terrain modifications in the nearby area to the new system. 

To use the "out terrain" console command, you will first need to enable the in-game console by adding "-console" as a launch argument for the game. 


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Valheim patch notes - update 0.150.3

  • Swamp Draugr spawner location fix to prevent Draugrs from spawning inside stones.
  • Lox pet-sfx fix.
  • Torches in locations should no longer support constructions.
  • Dolmen location stone size fix.
  • New terrain modification system.
  • Terrain-modification priority changed (Terrain modifications in an area should load before buildings, only apply to the new terrain modification system).
  • World loading tweaks (to fix issues with ships and buildings getting damaged while loading).
  • Stop server list download when leaving the start menu (to decrease network bandwidth usage).
  • Lowered the amount of stone required to Raise ground using the hoe.

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