Valheim fans make a real-life Porcupine prop using EVA Foam

Published: 12:04, 10 June 2021
Bill Doran @chinbeard
Valheim - Porcupine
Valheim - Porcupine

Valheim and its charms have once again spawned an amazing piece of art, this time in the form of a real-life Porcupine weapon. Punished Props Academy shared a video detailing the entire process.

Valheim is spurring its fans into creative action left, right and centre. From the breathtaking creations within the game itself to the artist's digital canvas , Valheim seems to be a bottomless well of pure inspiration. 

Today's Valheim-inspired offering comes from YouTube, where Punished Props Academy shared a 40-minute video detailing the process of making a real-life Porcupine weapon from the game. 

The highly entertaining video starts off with a stick and ends with a magnificent bit of a beloved game, worthy of a place above the mantle. 

The YouTube channel that specialises in all things fantasy, took on the challenge of making the prop out of EVA foam. This delighted a member of Valheim's own dev team, who actually worked on the in-game version of the epic mace. Lisa loved it so much that she shared it with her Twitter followers.

The in-game Porcupine is one of the more accessible weapons, popular for its blunt and piercing damage combination. Porcupine has a slight glowing effect and emits a bit of light even when holstered.

Porcupine crafting recipe in Valheim:

  • 5 Fine wood
  • 20 Iron
  • 5 Needle
  • 10 Linen thread


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