Valheim fan completes the quest of drawing all creatures from the game

Published: 10:57, 25 May 2021
Valheim - Meadows mobs
Valheim - Meadows mobs

One Valheim fan who goes by mrmgn on Reddit took on a quest to draw each mob from the game. A couple of months and artistic freedoms later, the quest is complete.

Valheim has inspired a lot of fan art since its release. Back in March, one Valheim fan took on a quest to draw every single mob currently in the game.  

Today, that quest was shuffled off to the "completed" section as the Reddit user who goes by mrmng on the platform shared their final artwork, beautifully depicting each mob. Be advised: everything AFTER Meadows contains SPOILERS for Valheim.


Valheim - Mobs from the Meadows

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Valheim - Necks and Deer

You are now entering SPOILER territory. Tread carefully if you don't wish to see mobs from the rest of Valheim's areas.

Black Forest

mrmng Valheim - Balck Forest mobs Valheim - Balck Forest mobs

Reddit post.


mrmng Valheim - The Swamp mobs Valheim - The Swamp mobs

Reddit post.

The Mountain

mrmng Valheim - The Mountain mobs Valheim - The Mountain mobs

Reddit post.

The Plains

mrmng Valheim - The Plains mobs Valheim - The Plains mobs

Reddit post.

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