Teamfight Tactics Set 8: How to play Threat Fiddlesticks

Published: 18:32, 29 December 2022
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Fiddlesticks returns to Teamfight Tactics as a legendary unit!
Fiddlesticks returns to Teamfight Tactics as a legendary unit!

Fiddlesticks returns to the Teamfight Tactics boards in Set 8 Monster's Attack! This is a five-cost legendary unit that works best as a secondary carry in late-game compositions!

Fiddlesticks returns to  Teamfight Tactics in Set 8 Monster's Attack!  as a five-cost legendary, but not as a primary carry. League of Legends champion - Fiddlesticks, who was last seen during Set 5.5, receives a new appearance for TFT Set 8 as a Threat champion. 

Fiddlesticks, although having Threat  stat increases, is more of a late-game support legendary than a primary carrier. Fiddlesticks will appear to be doing nothing at the outset of the fight. The legendary, on the other hand, gather the souls of fallen champions. 

Each soul gathered increases Fiddlestick's AP while also mending it. Fiddlesticks will eventually spring to life and begin draining life from surrounding enemy units while also causing minor magical damage to them.

Best items to use for Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is an ability power Threat champion who does not benefit from AP equipment as much as other TFT Set 8 champions. Morellonomicon for Burn and Life Drain is the finest equipment to equip on the legendary.

When using Fiddlesticks on the frontline, Ionic Spark is fantastic. And Archangel's Staff is a good third item to boost Fiddlestick's ability power and/or a Quicksilver to prevent the Corrupted unit from being shocked by crowd control after resurrecting.

Synergies that work well with Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks, being a Threat champion, has no synergy with other qualities. The five-cost is intended to be brought to the board as a late-game reinforcement for your squad. However, without the required things, gamers may wish to skip the five-cost in the shop.

Finding a Fiddlesticks early in the game, on the other hand, can enhance a board state without items and raise a player's chances of two-starring the legendary, in which Fiddlesticks can affect a board without items.


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