Teamfight Tactics Set 8 - How to play MECHA: Prime Jax

Published: 21:02, 22 December 2022
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Teamfight Tactics Set 8 MECHA Prime Jax!
Teamfight Tactics Set 8 MECHA Prime Jax!

MECHA: Prime is the new Teamfight Tactics trait! It allows you to choose one PRIME unit. That unit absorbs the other MECHA: Prime units, becoming bigger and receiving attack damage and ability power.

Brawler and MECHA: Prime are two attributes of the Teamfight Tactics  Set 8 Jax. If you've played previous game sets, you're definitely aware of what the Brawler trait does: it gives champions more maximum health. However, the bonus health values have been adjusted. Brawlers now acquire a percentage of their maximum health rather than a fixed number.

The MECHA: Prime trait is a new trait added to this collection . When you field at least three distinct champions with this trait, you will be allowed to select a PRIME champion during the planning phase. When the battle begins, the PRIME will join with its two closest Mecha, absorbing 100% of their Base health and acquiring bonus stats.

When playing a MECHA: Prime Comp with League of Legends Jax as your primary carry, it's critical to collect the right items and champions in order to trigger the right attributes.

When it comes to champions, you should prioritize Brawlers and MECHA: Prime champions. Pick up all potential champions with these two attributes in the early stages of the game.

With the advent of Hero Augments, it's critical not to squander them on a champion that doesn't match your squad. Vi with Boxing Lessons, which optimizes the Brawler trait, or either of Jax's Hero Augments work well with this combo (Relentless Assault or Evasion).

Riot Games Vi is a great unit because it helps Jax with activating the Brawler effect! Vi is a great unit because it helps Jax with activating the Brawler effect!

When you reach the mid-game, field a Jax unit with the equipment and make him the PRIME while filling the rest of the squad with Brawlers. 

You will most likely have the strongest team composition at that moment until other teams catch up in the later rounds of the game. Go for level 9 and use Urgot as a secondary carry so your team comp doesn't fall off.


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