Overwatch 2: How to complete the "Photozomb" Wrath of the Bride challenge

Published: 10:20, 29 October 2022

The challenge encourages players to strike a pose with the Bride, the mode’s final boss and the mastermind of its plot. But to complete it—and earn the Sombra voice line it grants—you’ll need to be fast on your feet.

The Halloween Terror 2022 Overwatch 2  Challenges aren’t all that easy, either. In fact, Blizzard has hidden the solution to a handful of them behind a riddle of sorts. 

Let us start off by noting that the Photozomb Challenge can only be completed during the last section of the PvE mode, in the room where the Lord of the Castle needs rescuing. So you’ll need to reach that point first. 

When you reach the final room, you’re given a couple of seconds before The Bride’s introductory cutscene plays out – it’s this small window where you need to be speedy. Upon entering, rush over to the Lord of the Castle and either stand beside or on top of him and emote before Sombra’s The Bride introductory cutscene plays.

If you don’t make it in time, you will have to run through the mode again. If pulled off successfully, your emote-ing character will appear in Sombra’s cutscene and the Challenge will be completed.

You must be VERY fast to pull this off so make sure you’re ready as soon as you enter the room. You’ll also net yourself Sombra’s “Never Cross The Bride” voice line for your efforts.

Blizzard Say, cheese! Say, cheese!

Previously, it was thought that you had to jump to the wooden platform above the Lord of the Castle with Sojourn and emote to finish the Challenge, but we now know that you can do it with any character!

Now that you know how to finish the "Photozomb" challenge, find out how to complete the "Ominous Portent" Wrath of the Bride challenge!


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