Lies of P: "Old Lady at the Window" side quest solution

Published: 22:10, 17 September 2023
Lies of P: Old Lady at the Window side quest
Lies of P: Old Lady at the Window side quest

The side quest you'll come across at the beginning of Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P holds a resolution that lies significantly deeper into the game. This guide provides you with that solution.

The side quests featured in  Lies of P , the most recent Souls-like RPG adventure by Neowiz Games , are crafted to engage your intellect, and occasionally, the quest's solution may be concealed within different levels throughout the game.

One such quest awaits you right at the start of Rosa Isabelle Street, where you'll hear the sound of someone coughing, prompting your curiosity to investigate the source.

If you're unsure about the location of the coughing source and the steps to complete this quest, refer to this guide for the answers you need.

How to solve a coughing person quest in Rosa Isabelle Street

From the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance, Stargazer, descend the stairs, and you'll promptly hear coughing to your left. Clear the area of any nearby puppets, then ascend the left-hand staircase and proceed behind the building to your left. Here, you'll encounter an illuminated window with the silhouette of a woman inside. Engage in conversation with her, and she will request a bottle of wine, explaining that she is afflicted with the notorious Petrification disease.

The bottle of wine required can be found at the subsequent Lorenzini Arcade level. Following the completion of the Rosa Isabelle Street level and the defeat of the King Of Puppets boss, the next level will guide you to an area where alchemists are diligently working on a cure for the Petrification disease.

AltChar Lies of P: The reward for completing the quest is Venigni Commemoration Coin Lies of P: The reward for completing the quest is Venigni Commemoration Coin

Within this level, as you progress, you will eventually arrive at a wine cellar and encounter a highly perilous clown-like mini-boss. Upon defeating this foe, proceed through the newly unlocked door, and you'll spot a bottle of wine on the shelf to your left. Even Gemini will point out that it should be brought to the lady by the window.

Proceed further along the path, which will lead you to a Stargazer, enabling you to teleport back to the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Stargazer. Return to the lady at the window and engage in conversation with her. In gratitude for the bottle of wine, she will reward you with a Venigni Commemorative Coin.

Now, make your way back to Hotel Krat and initiate a conversation with Pulcinella. Choose the "Request appraisal of collectibles" option and hand over the Venigni Commemorative Coin. In return, he will give you a Half Moonstone, a crucial material required for enhancing weapons for seven plus upgrade levels and beyond.


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