How to find the explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite

Published: 14:07, 12 October 2022
Epic Games
The Explosive Goo Gun has some serious firepower!
The Explosive Goo Gun has some serious firepower!

As a part of general map loot, Fortnite Explosive Goo Gun should not be very hard to find. You can normally find it by searching chests or by opening supply drops all over the island.

Fortnite  Explosive Goo Gun has some incredible power. It can quickly reduce an entire building to ashes and wipe out several opponents – their structures were no match for this firepower.

The Fortnite Explosive Goo Gun is part of the general loot pool, so you'll randomly find it on the ground all over the island as well as by searching chests, or opening supply drops if one lands near you. This weapon will be available until October 18, the drop rate for the Explosive Goo Gun will be increased to improve your odds of finding it.

The Fortnite Explosive Goo Gun fires out a steady flow of exploding lava, which you can use to rip through buildings and other structures while incinerating any opponents unlucky enough to get caught in the stream. PC  and PlayStation players think Epic Games made this gun OP, so let's see what this gun can do!

It's likely to divide opinion amongst players because it's so incredibly powerful – and what's more, the drop rate for the Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite has been increased, so expect to see plenty of blasts ripping across the island.

It wouldn't be surprising to see a nerf dropped in Fortnite shortly to address the damage dealt or the amount of ammo carried by this weapon, so follow the information below to try out the Explosive Goo Gun at its original strength while you still can.

Epic Games The Fortnite explosive Goo Gun The Fortnite explosive Goo Gun

The Explosive Goo Gun fires out a stream of gunge that sticks to anything it hits, before exploding a couple of seconds later. This makes it great for destroying big structures, though be aware that if you spray a large amount of Goo upwards the initial explosion could cause the rest of it to fall due to gravity, so don't hang around underneath the blast zone.

The Goo will also stick to opponents if it hits them and cause significant damage that they'll be unable to escape from, which makes it a formidable offensive weapon as well. There's no way to refill an Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite, but the 200 ammo it comes with as standard should be more than enough – and you can always swap it if you find a fresh one when you're running low. 


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