Destiny 2: When Season of the Seraph ornaments will be sold for Bright Dust

Published: 14:41, 07 December 2022
Updated: 12:49, 08 December 2022
Destiny 2 - Arc 3.0 armour set
Destiny 2 - Arc 3.0 armour set

Arc 3.0 ornament set is finally here and it can be obtained with in-game currency if you get there at the right time.

Bungie added the last ornament set themed after 3.0 subclasses to Destiny 2 and if you want to get it without dishing out real-life money, there are specific weeks during which you will need to log in.

Unlike the previous seasons, all the ornament pieces will be available for Bright Dust purchase in the latter half of Season of the Seraph due to the Solstice ornament set being available first during the winter holidays and slightly before.

The ornament sets are called Dynamo Current, Arclight and Thunderous Impact for Warlocks, Hunters and Titans, respectively. When a certain piece of armour is on sale for one class, it is that way for all classes.

Gloves will be on sale for Bright dust during the sixth week of the season, from January 10 to 17, 2023.

Boots will be next, in the eighth week, from January 24 to 31.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph ends with the last week of Bright Dust ornament sales

Immediately afterwards, during week nine, class items will be sold, from January 31 to February 7, 2023.

From Valentine's Day, February 14 to February 21, 2023, we will be able to buy the chest piece.

Finally, in the last week of the season, from February 21 to 28, the helmets and masks will be up for purchase with Bright Dust.


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