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Atomic Heart PS5 update fixes trophy issues

Published: 14:23, 06 April 2023
Atomic Heart update for PS5 has been released
Atomic Heart update for PS5 has been released

Among the many improvements that Mundfish promises in the new Atomic Heart patch for PlayStation 5, the most notable are finally fixed trophies and 120 FPS support.

Mundfish' s RPG-style shooter Atomic Heart has been plagued by a slew of issues since its initial release. From accusations by the Ukrainian Ministry of Entertainment that the game aids the Russian military to various technical flaws within the game itself, Atomic Heart, while a good game, has received a lot of flak.

The developers tried to fix the problems by releasing patches on a regular basis, but the issues persisted, to the point where many players simply gave up on the game.

One of the most serious issues was the messed-up trophies, which prevented players from unlocking a large number of trophies due to broken trophy counters. Some of them were fixed in the last patch, but the majority of them remained broken. For example, the trophy "Necromancer" requires players to speak to all dead people in the game, and the counter will not increase if you find a dead person and speak to them. Some trophies even unlock when they should remain locked, while others, for example, require you to collect 100 apples in one level, and 15 apples are simply missing.

According to reports, those issues have been resolved in the newest Atomic Heart update for PlayStation 5 , and all trophy hunters will now be able to obtain the coveted platinum trophy for Atomic Heart. In addition to this fix, the new patch included the game's long-awaited support for 120 FPS in a new performance mod. Below, see the complete list of fixes that the new update will bring to Atomic Heart.

Mundfish Atomic Heart will now support 120 FPS mode Atomic Heart will now support 120 FPS mode


  • HUD, subtitle size settings
  • 120Hz mode (PS5, Xbox Series X|S) (mode will work with compatible devices that are supported by consoles (TV or monitor and HDMI 2.1 cable) only; the presence of 120Hz does not guarantee the operation of the mode)
  • Fixed an issue with unlocking achievements
  • Fixed an issue with auto-detection of voice-over language


  • Improved display of shadows
  • Fixed an issue with cartoons being absent in save rooms
  • Removed binding of funiculars to FPS in the Vavilov Complex tunnels
  • Updated shaders
  • In certain places, the white image on TVs has been changed to a static
  • Fixed an issue with art subtitles—translation will now be displayed
  • Updated first-person animations and fixed issues with the character’s body showing when playing with high FOV


  • Fixed the freeze during the Morning Express quest
  • Icarus in the VDNH now rises all the way when loading a save where it was stuck
  • Fixed an issue with saving the puzzle with rays
  • Fixed an issue with subtitle display (freezing)


  • Added ability to loot corpses lying in the water
  • Improved climbing in “corners”
  • Added the ability to launch funiculars at the entrance to the Vavilov Complex tunnels after going through them
  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck in collisions in some places
  • Fixed several issues with the Mass Telekinesis ability
  • Optimization and fixes for corpses of mobs
  • Fixed an issue with health regeneration when loading a save


  • Improved optimization (LTO and others)


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