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You can now have proper Alcatraz in Prison Architect

Published: 00:17, 24 June 2020
Paradox Interactive
Prison Architect: Mobile

Prison Architect got the Island Bound expansion recently, allowing players to maximise their creative potential with new tools at their disposal, some of which allow making Alcatraz replicas.

Island Bound expansion is fairly self-explanatory since it will allow Prison Architect players to build island compounds without needing road access. This is possible due to new transportation means that were introduced with the expansion such as sea and air vehicles.

In order to get them, players will need to upgrade the prison's logistics with ferry and helicopter transport options in order to deliver supplies and inmates directly, instead of having to have a land connection. With more options come greater risks though and there are now more access points for smugglers to sneak contraband in.

There is also an option to link docks, helipads and roads to specific deliveries now. This will help players with maximising the prison's efficiency, on top of being able to toggle what services each delivery point can take.

In order to counter the additional smuggling liabilities, players will now have additional objects to make it easier to search deliveries and inmates as they enter the prison or at other security checkpoints. Furthermore, there are additional security services that can be called in if things get out of hand.

The expansion will offer more customization options but also two premade maps - Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island.

Those who are not interested in purchasing an expansion can still enjoy a free update, named The Rock, which will allow prisoners to have Dynamic Reputation, meaning they can gain or lose a reputation trait depending on how they behave. 

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