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Europa Universalis IV Implements Governing Changes With Update 1.34

Published: 03:30, 28 July 2022
Updated: 13:19, 28 July 2022
Paradox Interactive
Europa Universalis - Falun Copper Mine
Europa Universalis - Falun Copper Mine

Update 1.34 is a long time coming, and developers have brought us a host of new additions and changes regarding it in the last dev diary. One of those regards governance.

Aside from the changes they made to Scandinavia in particular in the EU IV update 1.34, Paradox have also decided that they could make Reform Progress Growth even more strategic, by adding a malus to Administrative Efficiency if being over the Governing Capacity.

This is something that can be countered either by the Centralize State mechanic or by getting more Gov. Cap. with buildings, monuments, and reforms.

This will curb growth speed, but the developers say that they think that this also adds some more depth to the game because it presents the player with the choice of how to get extra Gov. Cap. from the different features. From there it can also be expanded, with an additional conundrum of “How do I spend my precious Government Reform Progress” as it can be used either on the ‘Centralize State’ mechanic or in getting more Government Reforms.

Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis 4 - Updated Technology View Europa Universalis 4 - Updated Technology View

As such, the change they implemented is adding -1% Administrative Efficiency for every 2% Governing Capacity above the cap. This way it scales logically and gives off a dynamic and natural effect on the expansion speed of the country in question.

To help adjust the Governing Capacity, developers have made it so that Courthouses and Town Halls no longer require an open building slot to be constructed, similar to how Universities work, making them a more interesting type of building.

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Additionally, the State House building now no longer requires an open building slot, and now decreases local governing costs by a percentage of 25% and a flat -25. These governing modifiers are doubled when constructed on a Paper, Gems, or Glass province.

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