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Paradox announce Cities: Skylines 2 and more are launching on Xbox Game Pass

Published: 11:29, 07 March 2023
Cities Skyline 2 is confirmed to be launching on Xbox Game Pass, which is certainly great news for subscribers
Cities Skyline 2 is confirmed to be launching on Xbox Game Pass, which is certainly great news for subscribers

Paradox Interactive have announced that two of their major upcoming releases, Cities: Skylines 2 and The Lamplighters League are launching day one on Xbox Game Pass. 

Popular strategy games developer Paradox Interactive have officially announced two major releases during their recent games showcase live stream, including the long-awaited Cities: Skylines 2 but also a brand new tactics RPG The Lamplighters League .

To the joy of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, both of these major upcoming titles will be launching day one on Microsoft's subscription service for both PC and consoles, which is certainly great news. 

Both titles have "Coming Soon" status at the moment so we expect release dates in 2023 but it's worth mentioning that there's certainly nothing set in stone regarding launch dates just yet.

Given how popular Cities Skylines is across all platforms but especially PC , it's safe to say that the sequel would attract millions of players even without the Game Pass launch. But now that the game is indeed on Game Pass, only sky is the limit for this long-awaited city builder.

Also, it will be interesting to track the player count of the new IP The Lamplighters League. While this one is not as anticipated as Cities: Skylines 2, Game Pass has proven that even the most experimental games find their community thanks to the service, let alone tactics RPGs, which are still a popular genre.

Paradox Cities Skylines 2 Cities Skylines 2 will certainly be a massive release for Game Pass

With Cities: Skylines 2 and The Lamplighters League, Xbox Game Pass is set to have an even stronger 2023, which truly feels like a year where this popular subscription finally kicks off into the highest gear. 

Microsoft have been teasing a lot of Game Pass content for 2023 and we already got some massive releases like the recently released Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and our Game of The Year Contender in Hi-Fi Rush.


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