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Victoria 3 Confirms Historical Figures Such as Karl Marx To Be In Game

Published: 02:21, 07 August 2022
Paradox Interactive
League of Legends - Marx comes knocking wherever Socialism is born
League of Legends - Marx comes knocking wherever Socialism is born

Whenever you are dealing with making games based on history, and historical events, the question remains, what of the notable people of history? Well, Victoria 3 will have them, just not as they were.

Victoria 3  is a grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive  set in the Victorian era, and, as such, will encompass the period of quite a few important historical figures.

These figures are not all generals or kings. There will also be philosophers and prominent political activists present in the game as well. One such example will be that of Karl Heinrich Marx.

Marx is one of several historical figures who has been sculpted by Paradox artists. He can show up in your country shortly after researching Socialism, and may become the Interest Group Leader for the Trade Unions.

 Some characters have a specially defined historical appearance, such as Karl Marx. Paradox say they will have a limited number of these on release, but expect to continue adding more historical DNA to both characters present in the start date and characters who can emerge later in the game.

Paradox Interactive Victoria 3 - Example of an American Slavery Abolitionist Victoria 3 - Even a random abolitionist is fleshed out

Likewise, many countries, especially those they expect to be popular among players, have a historical set of starting Interest Group Leaders and Commanders but not all of them.

Once again they expect to flesh this out further as they deep-dive into particular regions post-release. Where historical characters haven’t been defined, the game will generate a character with an appropriate Ideology based on the factors described above.

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