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Xur will be selling Dead Man's Tale with the next Destiny 2 expansion

Published: 02:26, 21 January 2022
Destiny 2 - Dead Man's Tale
Destiny 2 - Dead Man's Tale

Bungie came into a conundrum when they had to deal with the sources of certain Destiny 2 Exotics so they decided to dump them on Xur.

Xur is a welcome sight in Destiny 2 as he brings loot wherever he goes and whenever he appears. His presence will be even more significant when Witch Queen releases because he will have two rather interesting Exotic weapons in his arsenal on each weekend visit.

Namely, Bungie is retiring Hawkmoon and Dead Man's Tale activities so these weapons had to get an alternative source. However, the usual avenue through the Monument to Lost Lights avenue is closed to them due to the nature of these Exotics - they have randomised perks.

This led the devs to incorporate them in Xur's offerings instead and he will carry both each week he comes to visit. Each weapon will have new randomised perks so players will have even more to look forward to each Friday.

That said, you won't be able to just grab Dead Man's Tale and Hawkmoon at basically no cost. They will set you back one Ascendant Shard, one Exotic Cypher, 200 Legendary Shards and 125,000 Glimmer. The price is quite hefty so the players will need to weigh the quality of the randomised perks and decide whether they really want to go through with the purchase.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Hawkmoon Destiny 2 - Hawkmoon

In case you amassed a pile of golf balls and Legendary shards so far, this decision will not weigh on you as much but newcomers will have to put their back into it. Their back and their wallets, because these Exotics will be available only if you own the Witch Queen expansion.

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