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Lineage2M anniversary adds new class and more to the game

Published: 17:43, 01 December 2022
Lineage2M anniversary
Lineage2M anniversary

Lineage2M is getting content from several categories with the anniversary celebration along with associated events.

NCSoft launched a month-long anniversary celebration for Lineage2M which brought a new class and more to the game.

While the Lineage franchise is a longstanding MMO powerhouse, the mobile version was only released in 2021 and is now celebrating its first birthday.

The team added a new Crossbow class that will let players lean into either a more intense burst damage playstyle or long-range sniping that excels in disruption and control of the enemies.

According to the description, the Crossbow class features stylish attacks and dynamic movements which will probably be quite the eye candy.

Arena Dungeon has also opened its doors to adventurers and it has the new Imbuement System that will provide more gear enhancements so keep your wallet at the ready. After all, it's a mobile game so it's either splurging or the equivalent of hundreds of hours of grind, if not days or something more obscene, that qualifies as "progression".

In any case, the first-anniversary festival will last until January 3, 2023, during which time the players can obtain 100,000 Adena daily, claim Leah's Golden Ticket to convert into rewards and more.


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