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WildStar will offer some refunds prior to shutting servers down

Published: 08:56, 28 September 2018
Carbine Studios
Picture of several heroes in WildStar MMO game

WildStar is going out of business on 28 November 2018, as you may know by now and Carbine Studios are planning on several events in order to see the game off. One thing that could be more interesting though, are the refunds devs will offer.

If you ever imagined a fantasy MMO game in a Borderlands setting, WildStar would be the closest thing to it, although with less profanity and gore. The game was still hardcore by MMO standards, which could have been one of the reasons for the downfall as hardcore MMO market isn't exactly wide these days.

Whatever the reason, the game is shutting down in late November, but not before Carbine Studios refund the recent purchases. Everything that the players bought on or after 01 July 2018 will be reimbursed. If it was paid for via Steam wallet, players will get their funds back on Steam wallet and the same goes for any other form of payment. 

The in-game currency, C.R.E.D.D., that was purchased before that date, but where the account user was logged in at some point during the last 90 days, will be turned into the Ncoin equivalent. Every day of Signature membership past 26 September 2018 will be refunded on per-day-remaining basis.

Refund information came along a hefty update, which will also be the last one for WildStar. It seems like a proper send off where Carbine Studios converted all Protobucks to Omnibits and made all store items available for purchase with the latter. In addition, Omnibits drop rate and cape have been increased, probably to make sure everyone gets a taste of everything they wanted from the store over the years.

Carbine Studios Picture of some people doing a raid in WildStar MMO game WildStar

Speaking of the store, all the seasonal and rotational items will be available all day, every day until the end of time. Well, until the server shutdown. Signature Station items will also be available via regular store and all events have been turned on. Reputation can be maxed out easier, letting players buy the faction vendors' loot to give it a spin. You can read the full patch notes and check the useful links regarding WildStar refunds on the .

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