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Watch Dogs Legion online mode release window announced

Published: 13:27, 19 December 2020
Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft posted another State of the Game blog for Watch Dogs Legion, talking about the improvements the game has undergone since launch and those still to come.

Watch Dogs Legion has launched with its own set of bugs and failed optimisation, not unlike any other AAA game these days, and the developers have been focusing on fixing these issues through the game's updates so far.

The latest patch involved several stability fixes and other updates that should smooth out the gameplay experience across all platforms. With those issues more or less in the bag, the devs are turning their focus to Watch Dogs: Legion's online mode.

According to the State of the Game post , the Online mode is supposed to come in early 2021. The launch will include the option to play co-op for up to four players in order to explore the world and play new missions together, including the first Tactical Op. Furthermore, there will be the first PvP mode where players can take on their peers, called the Spiderbot Arena.

Once Online launches, Ubisoft will look to add new game modes, other playable content and apparently some surprises. That said, it will be the launch of an online multiplayer mode for a game with a detailed world so it's probably fair to expect bugs and other launch roughness. Therefore, it's likely the initial patches will aim to fix these things and the subsequent ones will be adding the new content.

The PC players recently got the update that allows raytracing on AMD GPUs, which will probably never be used during actual gameplay due to high-performance hits but it will be a nifty tool for capturing breathtaking photos. It's something to keep in mind when you explore neo London with friends.

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