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Watch Dogs Legion DLC cutscene leaks, brings back familiar faces

Published: 12:50, 23 June 2021
Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead screenshot
Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead

Ubisoft already revealed who will be appearing in the next DLC for Watch Dogs Legion but given the company's numerous leaks, it wasn't long before a video showcasing them appeared on the internet.

Be warned - the video, Ubisoft's promotional material and this article itself all have spoilers for the upcoming DLC. If you're not in the mood for that, it might be better to not proceed.

Before Ubisoft could properly release the trailer for the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion DLC, a video popped up online, showing a portion of a cutscene as we get to see familiar faces returning to the third instalment.

The video is almost two and a half minutes long and two characters are in full focus - Wrench and Aiden Pearce. Considering this is an actual cutscene from the game and not a part of the trailer, make sure you don't want spoilers before reading further.

Viewers then witness Aiden bursting into Wrench's hideout where they discuss a McGuffin before the supporting character warns the first Watch Dogs' protagonist not to deal with Rampart, the main antagonist of  Bloodline .

There is another occasion of Wrench removing his mask here and fans appear to be wondering what happened to his birthmark. It seems to still be there but the character's haircut is made in such a way to cover most of it.

Ubisoft Watch Dogs - Aiden Pearce Watch Dogs - Aiden Pearce

You can check out the full video via Reddit but we once again urge you to consider whether you want to watch the spoilers, two weeks ahead of the official Bloodline release.

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