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Watch Dogs: Legion's Online mode has been delayed to 2021

Published: 10:35, 26 November 2020
Watch Dogs: Legion

In the latest blog post on Ubisoft's website, the dev talked about the incoming Watch Dogs: Legion updates for PC and consoles, as well as a delay of the game's Online mode.

Ubisoft are well aware that some Watch Dogs: Legion players continue to experience technical difficulties with the game, and they're fully committed to making it right. Unfortunately, this is part of the reason behind the delaying of the game's Online mode, but we'll let you hear it from the horse's mouth. 

"As part of our commitment to fixing the game’s issues, we’ve decided to delay the Online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion to early 2021. This will allow us to focus on fixing issues with single player, and it will give us more time to test the Online experience to help ensure a smooth launch of the mode", they wrote.

When it comes to improvements to Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft will be releasing Update 2.20 PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia pretty soon. 

Watch Dogs: Legion 2.20 will add a manual save button to PC, and bring a number of stability improvements for consoles. You can find the full 2.20 patch notes on Ubisoft's forums here.

Of course, plenty more improvements are planned down the line and Watch Dogs: Legion's next month's update will bring even more fixes and quality of life improvements. Moreover, the dev stressed there will be stability improvements and graphics optimisations for PC, in order to reach consistent 60 FPS for higher-end GPUs. 

BBC Creative director Clint Hocking rendered in Watch Dogs: Legion Watch Dogs: Legion creative director Clint Hocking

"Watch Dogs: Legion has been an incredible journey for us, and our teams are working very hard to make it the best experience it can be. We are blown away by your continued support, the fan art, the incredible cosplays and the many, many screenshots, videos and streams we have seen. Thank you."

Watch Dogs Legion is Ubisoft's post-Brexit shooter

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Watch Dogs: Legion

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