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Watch Dogs: Legion dev dives into weapons customisation

Published: 07:13, 24 October 2020
Watch Dogs: Legion
A big game of cat and mouse

With less than a week left until Watch Dogs: Legion hits the proverbial shelves, director Kent Hudson went ahead and shed some light on in-game weapon customisation.

Ubisoft really went all out in terms of customisation of just about everything in Watch Dogs: Legion, even abandoning the idea of a traditional protagonist in favour of a practically infinite pool of characters. 

Watch Dogs: Legion sports all sorts of characters between which to choose from, and even more abilities, but the dev didn't forget about boom sticks. 

Our insistence on mentioning characters in a weapons conversation is not coincidental though - the two are closely intertwined. 

Hudson revealed that beefing up your armoury is done through characters. Each character comes with their own abilities, as well as weapons, and that's how you get to expand your arsenal of weapons. 

"So, one of the cool parts of this system is actually that, you sort of gain access to everything that people who have been recruited bring. So for example, if you have people who have two different assault rifles, and then bring them onto the team, anyone on the team who can use assault rifles can choose between those two weapons", he said. 

If you're looking forward to more exotic weaponry, then you'd do well to scour Watch Dogs: Legion's world in search of the people that have it. 

Ubisoft have recently revealed that Watch Dogs: Legion will not require an internet connection to play the game's singleplayer, which is certainly good news for those who are just interested in singleplayer. Naturally, this means that community images and similar features will be unavailable in singleplayer, but it's a small price to pay. 

Watch Dogs Legion is Ubisoft's post-Brexit shooter

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Watch Dogs: Legion

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