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Watch Dogs Legion seems to have inflated user score on Metacritic

Published: 01:55, 19 November 2020
Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Legion had a rather mediocre reception but the user score on Metacritic doesn't reflect that. However, there are some indicators these were tampered with.

Watch Dogs Legion got a mediocre reception as both critics and fans pointed out that the game lacked depth and the whole "recruit anyone" gimmick wasn't executed well enough to carry the game.

However, something odd started happening on Metacritic where the user score appeared to not reflect these sentiments. It was initially noticed by a gamer with a keen eye for suspicious activity.

He noticed that many of the extremely positive reviews had suspiciously similar names which prompted further investigation. Going down the rabbit hole that is reading hundreds of user reviews for proper analysis, Matt discovered that these users with odd names who gave Legion a nine or 10 didn't sound all that human.

While the odd names and wording could sound like a stretch, the sleuth came up with more damning evidence. Many of these reviewers who sounded and were named in a similar manner only had three reviews on their accounts. All three reviews were tied to Watch Dogs Legion but on different platforms, clearly indicating these users we just there to boost the user score of the game.

There is currently no proof that these antics were orchestrated by Ubisoft and it's possible that fans of the series did it but one thing is sure - the user score on Metacritic will need to undergo a purge before it can be considered to have any validity.

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